How It Works

Join hundreds of homeowners who have experienced our simple and easy to sell model.

Sell Your Home in Days, Not Months

Begin By Requesting An Offer

The Taft Home Buyers process begins when you fill out the simple form on our homepage with details about your property.

Receive Your Offer

Once our evaluation process is complete, we’ll provide you with an offer in writing.

Pick a Closing Date

We close based on your needs – whether you need to sell quickly or if you need extra time to pack your belongings, we have flexibility. 

YOU Get Paid

Once closing paperwork is finalized, that’s it – you can take your check to the bank. It’s really that easy.

Antonio Guardia
Antonio GuardiaHomeowner
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Chloe quickly determined a fair price for our house. We appreciate the professional and efficient service.
Amanda Buchanan
Amanda BuchananHomeowner
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I am retiring next year and my home needs a lot of repairs. The homebuyers are happy to take on the challenge and I am happy to sell to them.